Your Safety, Our Priority.

WCC 2020 cancelled in light of COVID-19 threat

As a result of the COVID-19 threat, MEDISCA, MEDISCA Network and LP3 Network have decided to cancel the World Congress of Compounding Event scheduled to be held at ARIA, Las Vegas October 2-3 2020.
Given the uncertainty we are all faced with, we have decided to be proactive as there is no higher priority for us than the health, safety and physical well-being of each of you, together with everyone else involved in the event.

WCC: A World of Opportunities

Uniting healthcare professionals from across the globe in one dynamic setting, the World Congress of Compounding (WCC) returns for its second event! Pharmacists, physicians, healthcare experts, students, and so many more, come together at WCC to celebrate, share insights, and strengthen their skills in personalized medicine and pharmaceutical compounding. From the legislative demands of today to the automation of tomorrow, compounding is growing and together we are here to help you Win, Challenge, and Connect!

“We are all in it together and together we will succeed with the resources, tools and quality products we have to offer. This is MEDISCA’s promise to you. We are committed to continue to be there as your trusted partner and to serve you at the highest level possible and to raise the industry to new heights.”

– Tony Dos Santos, Medisca’s Founder and President

Our 2020 Vision for You

At WCC 2020, discover the many ways to grow your compounding business or personalized medicine practice by learning from industry leaders, navigating through dynamic regulatory landscapes, identifying emerging markets, exploring innovative solutions, optimizing processes, and creating international partnerships.

  • iconDiscover what’s new in pharmaceutical compounding globally

  • iconDevelop your business through in-depth insights into emerging markets

  • iconLearn about the regulatory changes and impacts on compounding

  • iconCreate international partnerships with your peers

  • iconCelebrate your passion for patient health and well-being

Join us at the ARIA Resort & Casino

Experience WCC & Vegas like never before


  • "The best part of the conference was the networking – there is no better way to gain new ideas, opportunities, and perspectives then discussing with professionals involved in similar work. I find that small bits of key information I pick up at a conference like WCC can have a great impact on how I practice."
    Weston Dungan - Somerset, KY
  • "I just wanted to write to say a big thank you. It was an excellent conference and could not have been produced any better. My attendance at a few of the talks was inspiring and the introductions to many of the industry leaders will be very profitable."
    Pharmacist in attendance of WCC 2018
  • "WCC 2018 completely exceeded my expectations. I had initially registered for the Hazardous Drug workshop that took place before the conference and thought it would be too many days traveling if I stayed for WCC. I am glad I decided to stay for the conference. It highly benefited our practices especially in regards to networking and learning more about how compounding pharmacies may adapt and change to this new era."
    WCC 2018 Attendee
  • "WCC was a great experience filled with expert speakers and a truly International turnout of compounders from around the world. Although we are all there eager to learn the whole group still made time to have fun and “Put the # in Compounding” ! I am hoping to attend again this year."
    Janet Coleman R.Ph.
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