DAY 1 - Oct 27th

Daniel Kraft - Keynote Speaker
Dr. Kraft has over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation. His presentation undertakes a reflexion on the potential of new technologies in medicine and the future of healthcare.

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Chronic pain can have significant adverse effects on the lives of patients and their family members. Among those suffering, many are inadequately treated with commercial pharmaceutical therapies that do not satisfy their needs. With the increasing prevalence of chronic pain, now is the time to explore opportunities in customized pharmacotherapy to help drive successful pain management.
With ageing, the body naturally goes through processes that change the integrity of the skin and disrupt the delicate balance of hormones responsible for regulating cellular activity. With such marked individuality to skin and hormonal systems comes a demand for a more personalized approach to treatment. Discover advancements in hormone replacement therapy and anti-ageing to help provide patients with treatment tailored to their specific needs.
Animals play an integral role in the lives of many individuals and deserve the highest-quality veterinary care. However, this field faces many unique challenges, including treating a diverse range of species with limited veterinary drug availability. Addressing these obstacles requires specialized knowledge and personalized solutions. Investigate current perspectives on veterinary care and gain a fundamental understanding of applicable skills in customized pharmacotherapy.

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Each country is marked by differences in culture, tradition and degree of governmental influence that shape the way they approach healthcare. However, the need for alternative and personalized solutions to conventional pharmacotherapy is prevalent universally. Explore emerging markets and unique pharmaceutical compounding landscapes around the world.
Drug shortages place a difficult burden on patients and healthcare professionals who are forced to seek alternative solutions to unavailable drugs. Many turn to compounding pharmacies to prepare medications for patients on an individual basis, providing them access to vital drugs that would otherwise be unavailable. Uncover strategies for managing drug shortages and discover the importance of pharmaceutical compounding during these times of need.
Each patient has a unique set of conditions that affects their overall health. With standardized treatment, many individuals are not receiving optimal patient care suited to their specific needs. A closer look into a more personalized approach to treatment can help improve clinical success and therapeutic outcome.

DAY 2 - Oct 28th

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Effective patient care relies on the successful collaboration between physicians, pharmacists and patients. Strong communication and dynamic collaborative practice are thus essential in improving pharmaceutical compounding services. Develop your understanding of the tools, attitudes and barriers to collaboration in order to help improve patient outcome and promote mutual growth.
The pharmaceutical compounding industry is heavily regulated to ensure the safety and quality of compounding practices. With the introduction of new laws and standards, many compounding pharmacies struggle to keep up with all the changes and sometimes conflicting requirements. Gain a proper understanding of the international regulatory landscape to help navigate your compounding pharmacy towards success.
Although often overlooked, healthcare providers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of optimizing supply chain management. Although marked by challenges, an optimized supply chain responds effectively to fluctuations in demand and in times of critical need. Learn how to navigate tools and best practices for optimizing supply chain management and improving the delivery of healthcare services.

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Hormones are central players in the maintenance and regulation of health with even the most subtle deviation in hormonal levels having the potential to produce vast adverse events. As there exists substantial variations in individual hormone levels, treatment should be adapted to the individual’s unique clinical profile. Investigate novel approaches to hormone restoration therapy that can help optimize therapeutic outcome.
Over-the-counter (OTC) medications can improve conditions and provide essential relief of symptoms. Although essential to healthcare, OTC medications are often standardized and may not always suit individual needs. Explore recent advances and opportunities in OTC customization to help provide patients with tailored treatment options.
Pharmaceutics is an exciting area that can be used to tackle many challenges in pharmaceutical treatment. Knowledge of the physicochemical properties of drugs can help in the development of unique solutions to overcome challenges of current commercial medications. Learn more about the application and importance of clinical pharmaceutics in personalized medicine.

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WCC PRE-EVENT COURSE (October 24th-25th)

Essential Elements Hazardous Compounding
Add additional benefits to your stay in Las Vegas and register for this pre-event course! On October 24-25, 2018, you will learn everything you need to know to achieve compliance with USP <800>, including personal protective equipment, engineering controls, closed system transfer, facility design, and more! Sign up for this hazardous compounding training activity and take advantage of the WCC event! For more information on the course and to register, visit LP3 Netowrk's website.